Wednesday, 13 November 2019

What Country Would I Spend A Holiday In?

Have you ever wondered where you would spend your dream holiday at? Or ever thought about how cool it would be to relax in the sun all day and not have to worry about cold weather and rain? Well, I have and I've came to a conclusion... I would spend my dream holiday in Jeju Island In South Korea. The reason I would go to Jeju Island is because its a really cool destination and alot of tourists go there every year. Did you know the population in Jeju Island is 604,700. Another reason I would like to go there is because the beachs look really cool and really warm. Did you know that Jeju Island is known for its beachs and volcanic landscapes of craters and cavelike lava tubes.

Here are some pictures of Jeju Island - 
Image result for jeju island Best PictureImage result for jeju island


  1. Hi callum it me Jayden because of your post I really want to go to Jeju Island and I like volcano and he is them feedback. You should say if you can go in the caves with the lava tube.

  2. Hey Callum, I really like your blogpost about where you would spend your holiday at. I have never heard of this island before, but it sounds like a really good place to spend your holiday. One thing that I did notice was when you said beachs when it should have been beaches. Although that was the only minor mistake that I saw, but anyways keep up the good work!


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